Derivatives Strategy and Risk Mitigation

  February 26, 2018 – Genuine Trading Solutions Ltd. is a CTA firm with specific expertise in derivatives strategy and risk mitigation.  Our company has been providing risk management hedging  solutions and investment strategies to small and medium sized companies and financial institutions since 1999.  Now Genuine Trading Solutions is announcing a turn key solution to both the identification and analytics for determining the risk threat.  But also the execution of the subsequent risk off-set, known as a hedge.

Do you need to understand derivatives to manage risk?  The answer is no.   That’s because we understand derivatives and we understand risk, its all we do.  We are experts in the use of derivatives and their use in hedging and using the various exchange traded and O-T-C products to provide price protection and a stable price environment.

Identifying your area of concern is the first step to putting a plan into motion.  There is market risk, operational risk, currency risk, credit risk, weather risk, interest rate risk and even reputation risk.  You may ask “Where Do I Start?”  Dwayne Strocen President says “At the beginning, and include a team of specialists.  A team who understand both the analysis of risk mitigation and the hedging of risk.”

Our Goal – An Effective Risk Plan:

An effective risk plan involves a two-step process.  First is the analysis phase followed by the execution phase.  The analysis phase consists of analyzing where your risk is coming from and it’s impact on your business.  The execution phase is the formulation of an effective hedging program and its implementation with the use of derivatives and a sound derivatives strategy.  Then you’ll need to re-balance your hedge daily or weekly depending on your business activity.

Our team of professionals have been providing strategic risk management and hedging services since 1999.  Let us be one of your team of expert risk professionals providing derivative strategy and risk hedging.

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