CTA Managed Account Programs – Derivatives Trading

Since 1999 Genuine Trading Solutions has provided specialized managed account programs and expertise for all futures trading including Over The Counter “O-T-C” derivative programs.  We are derivative specialists and registered in good standing with the CFTC.  Many companies including fund of funds utilize sub-advisor services for the management of their investment portfolios.

Not all investors want to pool their assets.  Managed account programs offer a preferred method for a company or fund of funds to provide individualized investment structuring. Because we are specialists in derivative investing, we provide access for derivatives and futures trading on all of the derivative markets world wide.

Managed Account Programs

The Genuine USA Index program is an actively traded CTA investment focused on the major stock market indices of the United States, particularly the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100 index.

The manager will focus his attention toward the stock market indices in an actively traded program utilizing the futures exchanges for liquidity and added transparency. The Portfolio Manager believes superior returns can be achieved by utilizing both long and short positions thereby benefiting in either bull or bear markets.

The program trades indices offered by the following commodity exchanges:

  • Dow Jones – Chicago Board of Trade;
  • NASDAQ 100 – Chicago Mercantile Exchange;
  • Russell 2000 – Inter-continental Exchange;
  • S&P 500 – Chicago Mercantile Exchange;

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