Since 1999 Genuine Trading Solutions has been providing corporations and investment funds with derivatives strategy and comprehensive risk hedging solutions.  A small business, Genuine Trading Solutions is a registered derivatives portfolio manager managing derivatives for medium sized financial institutions.  Services include risk mitigation strategies for controlling market & operational risk.  Genuine Trading Solutions offers KYC and AML oversight including trade reconciliation, error reporting, split fills, statement review, compliance and conflict of interest reviews. We provide derivatives trading and investment strategy for pension funds, hedge funds and fund of funds.

Through our partner company Fusion Computing Limited we are able to provide computing services particularly toward Cyber Security and cyber threat activity. Fusion Computing is a specialist in cyber threat assessment plus auditing, management, reporting and countering cyber intrusion.

  • Registered in good standing with the N.F.A.  (National Futures Association);

  • Derivatives and Investment Strategy;

  • Comprehensive risk hedging solutions;

  • Portfolio and investment management;

  • Worked with investment funds located off-shore, particularly in the Caribbean;

  • Market and operational risk management methodologies including VaR;

  • Interaction & relationship management with FCM's, prime brokers, back office staff,
    portfolio managers, accountants and vendors;

  • CAGE CODE:    L0H18
    DUNS Number: 242065451
    Capability Statement: Download pdf

    Point of Contact: Dwayne Strocen
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Telephone: (888) 317-9077 (toll free)
    523920 Portfolio Management
    523110 Investment Banking
    523130 Commodity Contracts Dealing
    523140 Commodity Contracts Brokerage
    523210 Securities & Commodity Exchange
    523910 Miscellaneous Intermediation
    525110 Pension Funds
    525190 Other Insurance Funds
    525910 Open-end Investment Funds
    525920 Trusts, Estates, Agency Accounts
    525990 Other Financial Vehicles

  • Derivatives portfolio manager responsible for investment structuring
    and all trade execution for the Genuine USA Index fund - focused on
    stock indices of the USA particularly S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100;

  • Risk structuring and derivative analysis plus trade execution for a $450
    million hedge fund portfolio utilizing crude oil futures and options;

  • Portfolio and fund manager for the Global Climate Fund.
    Investment of derivative based carbon emissions;


    Capability Statement

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