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Genuine Trading Solutions is a CTA and derivatives specialist focused on treasury management, risk mitigation (hedging) and portfolio or investment strategy.  We suggest you consider out-sourcing some or all of these requirements to us.  Let us extend our support and experience to you when dealing with compliance requirements of an ever changing regulatory environment.  We work either full-time under the direction of your corporate treasury department or chief financial officer, or part-time if your requirements are small.  We start with understanding fundamentals such as your pension plan or everyday operational demands.  Then extending that service to trade execution, risk mitigation (hedging) and finally the administrative support needed to ensure it will comply with general accounting principals.

We will provide critical support to your company's needs concentrating on a commitment to provide a turn-key solution no matter the support you or your company may require.

Like our name, Genuine Trading Solutions is a specialist in all manner of solutions related to derivatives including portfolio strategy and corporate structuring.  Our team of professionals will first make an in-depth analysis followed by a detailed recommendation utilizing expertise from several disciplines.  You can have the comfort of knowing you have the latest tools and top ranked personnel on your side.

Trade Execution and Hedging
:  Our expertise includes all activities related to capital        markets and the investment and hedging process.  Here's what you get:
  • registered with the CFTC for all matters related to exchange traded and OTC derivatives;
  • 25 years experience in all investment asset classes including fixed income treasury products, equities, FOREX, ETF's, SWAPS and more;
  • hedging,  trade execution and management of asset manager relationships;
  • trade reconciliation including monitoring of split-fills, partial fills, error reporting and trade balancing;
  • regultory and compliance oversight including Know-your-client (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) rules;

Since 1999 Genuine Trading Solutions has been providing integrated investment structuring in support of treasury markets, investment portfolios and risk hedging.   Our team of integrated treasury and hedging professionals will work with you in support of any or all of the services listed.  Or if you prefer, simply ask us to design a mitigation program to off-set unexpected economic events like rising interest rates, declining stock markets or even rising prices in base commodities like crude oil or natural gas.  We will facilitate trading in any of these markets imbedded full-time in your company or part-time on an out-source basis.

Disclaimer: Genuine Trading Solutions is a specialist in treasury management, derivatives and hedge execution. Corporate hedging involves the use of derivatives to reduce the exposure of risk brought about by adverse market and economic conditions. As a result, we utilize the futures exchange and markets which trade Stock Indices, also known as equities, Bonds also known as fixed income, Commodities and Futures including Foreign Exchange or FOREX. A managed account program is not a Hedge Fund or Mutual Fund and should not be considered as such.
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